Miguel Parra

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Miguel Parra e Hijos, S.A.

Miguel Parra e hijos, s.a. is a Spanish family company founded by Miguel Parra Hernández in 1948, joined in the early 80’s by his three sons Miguel Angel, Trino and Manuel; storing decades of experience in citrus business.

We are located in the province of Murcia, the largest production area of lemons in Spain, that’s the reason why lemons are our main product.
In addition we have excellent connections with other citrus growing areas for clementines, oranges, etc.

Our modern facilities are built on 30.000 m² extension, with a production area of 10.000 m² exclusively dedicated to citrus fruit industrial processing, incorporating the ultimate technologies for machinery and processing equipment.

Our qualified technical staff, along with our own laboratory are continously checking hygiene, quality, microbiolgical, organoleptic and analitycal parameters of all our products, by sampling every step of production, and specially every batch of finished product; as our commercial policy is to give premium quality products, and premium service to our estimated costumers.

In our factory more than 100.000 Tons. of carefully selected fruit are processed in a year, obtaining several citrus products of maximum quality, where the mains are: jueces and comminuteds.

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