Hortiberia turns 20 with a presence in over 40 countries

29 August 2022

Hortiberia celebrates 20 years of work in the fruits and vegetables sector. The consortium – formed of El Abuelo de los Melones, Olé!, Agromark, Cricket, Lemon King, Blancasol and San Cayetano – has taken stock of two decades of work and evolution which has seen it rise up as one of the leaders in the sector, with an active presence in over 40 countries.

Jose María Morote, Hortiberia CEO, analyses some of the fundamental aspects in the formation and growth of the consortium over its 20 year history. The consortium was founded in 2001 with the purpose of reinforcing the sales and marketing policies of its partners, creating an alliance which would allow the associate companies to reach markets which would have been inaccessible or not profitable when working alone, due to logistics and distribution.

Hortiberia’s beginnings were not easy at all, seeing as it was essential that it unite the sales and marketing policies of various market leaders of the sector, orienting them towards a common objective: increasing their presence in international markets in which it would have been difficult to stand alone, and thereby diversifying sales beyond the solid nucleus of the EU.

After 20 years of evolution, the company position is absolutely satisfactory in the minds of both Hortiberia’s CEO and the directors of the associate companies. Currently, the consortium has a top class corporate and employee structure, in addition to a complete integration between the sales and marketing policies of the various brands of its associates.

This system has not only given added value to the products of the companies, but it has also formed a solvent group with growing profitability and great credibility.

Hortiberia’s international positioning is now undeniable, seeing as it has a presence in over 40 countries, both within Europe and outside its borders. The Arabic market has become especially relevant to the consortium, seeing as it has seen an increase in leadership in the last few years, becoming one to watch in terms of distribution.

Additionally, the various partners adapt all their produce to the sector’s quality standards and they are always committed to and interested in technological innovation in the sector and chain of values.

The companies which make up the consortium invest in technology and are immersed in the challenges of digitalisation. They are in favour of the real implementation of solutions which optimise the management of inputs, as well as the increase of bio and zero waste processes which generate benefits for farmers, cooperatives, companies, consumers and the environment.

The Hortiberia Group brings together the drive and experience of seven market leaders from the sector in order to consolidate a project with a great future.