Hortiberia is a large group made up of nine high-reputation companies.

After ten years of its creation the company has established itself as the top contender in the international market, making it the first choice for manufacturers, exporters, and distribution companies.

Hortiberia is a dynamic company in constant evolution. Its transparent management and ability to anticipate customer needs to produce a wide variety of outstanding products with the contribution of all the partners are the key of their success.

Hortiberia Group is formed for nine important companies located in the Southeast of Spain

Free from post-harvest treatments.

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Fruit Asia (Hong Kong)

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Hortiberia en misión comercial en Canada

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Fruit Atracction 2015

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Hortiberia en Fruit Attraction 2016

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Hortiberia estará presente en Fruit Logistica Asia 2016

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Hortiberia presente en Fruit Logistica 2017

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Hortiberia estará presente en Asia Fruit Logistica 2017

El Grupo Hortiberia participará del 6 al 8 de Septiembre en Hong Kong en una nueva edición de la f... Leer más





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