One of the adjectives which describes us best is dynamic.

Here at Hortiberia, we work hard to adapt to the needs of the consumer. Our products are sent out to over 40 countries and adapting to the needs of each client is part of our philosophy. We are always looking to improve every day and to offer our customers the best products.

Here at Hortiberia, our experience speaks for itself.

We have been working since 2001 to offer the best service and the best quality fruits and vegetables. Our group, formed of seven companies with impressive business backgrounds, has managed to take that produce to over 40 countries.

Hortiberia knows about the importance of innovation in farming and business. In order to maintain the quality of our products and the efficiency of our service, investing in innovation is essential. Thanks to our partners who worry about and work hard to keep improving every day, we are able to offer maximum quality and guarantees in our fruits and vegetables.

Each of the companies which make up Hortiberia – San Cayetano, Lemon King, Cricket, Agromark, Blancasol, El Abuelo de Los Melones and Ole! – have one thing in common: efficacy. These are companies which work with various products but always with responsible management and excellent efficiency.

Hortiberia has stood up for organic products for years. We know firsthand about the importance of taking care of our land and our environment, and we guarantee the maximum food safety of our products. We adapt to consumer demand, always seeking healthy, top quality produce.

Our producers grow their products with care, managing their land, water and natural resources sustainably. Good farming practices and the proper development of our farming activities both ensure long-term production viability, covering our needs without putting natural resources at risk.

We work hard to guarantee the excellence of our products. We take great care over our organisation: from logistics, in which we monitor our shipments rigorously, resolving any issues with quick and efficient solutions, to our products, which comply with European Union quality standards.

Our objective is to maintain excellence in each of the cogs which make Hortiberia run.

Our commitment applies to the entire production line: from building loyalty and continuity with the farmers with whom we work, passing through efficiency and sustainability in production, to the respectful packaging and transport of our produce.